Woman Celebrates 108th Birthday By Throwing 1st Pitch At Seattle Mariners Game

A Washington woman celebrated her 108th birthday — and set a record — at Saturday night’s baseball game at Seattle’s Safeco Field.

Evelyn Jones at Mariners Game

Evelyn Jones turned 108 Saturday, and when she threw the first pitch before the Seattle Marinersplayed the Los Angeles Angels, she officially became the oldest person to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game, according to a Mariners news release earlier this week.

After Jones threw the pitch, the Mariners brought out a cake and the entire stadium joined in to sing Happy Birthday.

On Saturday Jones told TheGodsGrace she was excited to celebrate with her family, but couldn’t talk long so she could rest up for the big night.

And Jones was clearly a good luck charm for her favorite team — the Mariners beat the Angels Saturday 5-0.

Jones was born July 11, 1907, in the central Washington town of Leahy, the Mariners said. She was married for 55 years and has two daughters.

She now lives in a retirement community in Woodinville, Washington, where she dons her Mariners gear to watch every game.

According to the Mariners release, Jones credits her long life to exercise, eating beef and vegetables, and drinking alcohol just once a week. And the 108-year-old clearly has good genes: her mother lived to 89 and her father lived to 95, according to the Mariners.

The previous record holder for oldest person to throw a first pitch was 105-year-old Agnes McKee, who threw the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game last summer, the Mariners said.

Courtesy of: thegodsgrace.com


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