Man Runs Into Burning House To Save Pet Dog

A Newcastle man ran into his burning house on Tuesday to save his best friend – his dog Ditch.

Mark Woodbury ducked down to shops for 10 minutes to get some supplies for a fishing trip, but when he returned home he noticed smoke billowing from a back window.

“The first thing I thought of was Ditch. There was no way I was going to let my dog burn to death,” he said.

He raced into the house, but was twice forced back by heat and blinding smoke.

On the third attempt Mr Woodbury said he tripped over something and luckily it was Ditch.

He frantically carried the frightened four-year-old rescue dog from the house and tried to resuscitate him on the driveway.

Police, paramedics and the four fire trucks were at the scene by this stage. A paramedic stepped in and used a mask ventilator to bring the dog back to life.

Mark Woodbury with his dog Ditch.

Ditch was taken to the veterinary emergency department and the German shepherd cross was in a stable condition, thanks to the quick-thinking of the emergency services and the heroic efforts of his owner.

“My dog is everything to me,” Mr Woodbury said.

“I’ve lost all of my kitchen, all of my appliances, my laundry, my furniture, but it’s my dog, that’s the important thing.

“He would have died in there if I hadn’t gone in.”

Mr Woodbury has lived at the NSW Housing property in Endeavour Street in Rutherford, west of Newcastle, for eight years with his wife Karen and their three children.

The family were not at home when the fire started in the kitchen.

NSW Fire and Rescue is investigating the blaze, including the possibility it could have been caused by an electrical fault.

In the meantime the Woodbury family will wait for alternative housing.

Courtesy of: The Sydney Morning Herald 

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