Cat And Owl Become Best Friends

Marimo and Fuku-chan live at the Hukulou Coffee shop, named after the Japanese word ‘owl.’

They struck up an unusual friendship after the coffee shop owner Ritsuko Nagahara brought the Scottish Fold kitten home to keep the owl company.

“They were put together because they looked alike,” Mr Nagahara said.

Marimo and Fuku-chan. Image credit: Hukulou Coffee.

“Now they are inseparable.”

Pictures of Marimo and Fuku-chan sleeping together, playing or kissing have gone viral on Japanese social media sites.

Courtesy Of: AwwNews

14 thoughts on “Cat And Owl Become Best Friends

  1. I’m often scared to read the news these days (my writing’s fiction, so I can handle it, but the real terrible stuff always troubles me), so I’m enjoying your ‘feels good’ news blog. Yay and big thanks to you!

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