Street Sweeper Saves Child’s Drawing

Girl drawing on the street with chalk

A street sweeper was so happy to see a little girl’s roadside chalk drawing that he moved his brushes out of the way to preserve it.

Seven-year-old Brielle Pronick was hard at work on her latest chalk mural outside her home, when she noticed her masterpiece was in jeopardy – a street sweeper was heading right for it.

Wendel Lamb, who’s been cleaning the streets of Courtenay, British Columbia for 16 years, saw what was at stake, lifted his truck’s sweepers over the young girl’s art, and went on his way.

Brielle’s father just happened to record the sweet gesture.

“The timing was uncanny as my husband was just taking pictures of my daughter’s art when the street sweeper came around the corner,” Kristen Pronick wrote when uploading the video on the city’s Facebook page. “Please pass on my thanks to the driver, he made her day and she still talks about it.”

Courtesy Of: GoodNewsNetwork


4 thoughts on “Street Sweeper Saves Child’s Drawing

  1. I like stories like this. An unusual act of kindness. And then also when it is relative to kids, most adults don’t understand what these things mean to a child.

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