Dentist Gives Once-Homeless Man New Smile

Harvor Davis’ best work happens in places most never see.

“Driving the ambulance, you get a lot of attention,” Davis said. “People want you to stop, and they say, ‘Hey, what is the SoupMobile?'”

The SoupMobile is a non-profit that feeds the homeless, and Davis runs their warehouse. He understands the homeless because he used to be homeless.

He’s come a long way in five years.

“Helping out people – it’s a wonderful thing, it’s a beautiful thing,” Davis said. “I wish I could have found this 20 years ago.”

But the man who dedicated his life to serving others had taught himself to never smile.

“I used to talk with my lip down, not showing the gap that I had,” Davis said.

A lifetime of neglect left his mouth in bad shape.

That’s where Dr. Lee Fitzgerald came in.

Homeless Man's Teeth Renewal

“All these [teeth] were removed, the upper jaw was shortened, and then six implants were placed here and the teeth were attached,” said Dr. Lee Fitzgerald of the Forte Dental Implant Center in Plano.

Fitzgerald took in Davis as a patient, free of charge.

His team was able to save just eight teeth. The rest aren’t real, but Davis’ smile is.

“A million-dollar smile,” Davis said, laughing. “I could get used to it,” he said, as he looked at his new teeth in a mirror.

Davis is no longer homeless, he has a job, and he’s found his calling.

Courtesy Of: WTSP

12 thoughts on “Dentist Gives Once-Homeless Man New Smile

  1. This is a beautiful story; it really shows that everyone can help in their own way, each one of us has something to give… Amazing post and a great blog!

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