Child Missing In Forest Found Alive

10-Year-Old Boy Missing in Utah Forest Found Alive After 28 Hours

A 10-year-old boy who got lost while looking for mushrooms on a family hiking and fishing trip has been found in the Uinta Mountains in Utah.

Authorities say they found Malachi Bradley cold and hungry, curled up between rocks as temperatures dipped into the 30s overnight. He had wrapped his T-shirt around his legs and huddled in his jacket to try to stay warm.

“He’s actually in great shape,” Uintah County Sheriff Vance Norton stated, for someone was missing for 28 hours. “We’re just happy we got him when we did.”

A rescue plane searched the forested terrain and spotted the boy on Monday afternoon. He was picked up by a police helicopter.

Malachi was greeted by dozens of relieved family members, KUTV reports. He told the station he’ll be a little more careful next time.

“I was trying to collect mushrooms and I didn’t find any by the lake, it was stupid,” he told the news station.

Malachi’s mother, Molly, was overwhelmed to have him back. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt something so intensely in my whole life,” she said.

After being checked out by paramedics, Malachi was carried away by his family.

“I’m proud of my boy, proud of the team, proud of the fact that I’m not going to have a tragedy,” Molly said.

The boy disappeared on Sunday morning after a hike to Paul Lake with his brother, sister, father and his father’s friend. When he didn’t return after 30 minutes, his dad hiked back to the car to drive to an area with cell phone reception to call 911.

Search and rescue crews from Uintah and Wasatch counties, the Ute Tribe, and a DPS helicopter and Wasatch County search plane looked for the boy until nightfall on Sunday. The U.S. Forest Service, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs joined the search at dawn on Monday.

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