Girl Saves Dog Left For Dead In Plastic Bag

Teddy and it's new owner

A small pug nicknamed “Teddy” is lucky to be alive after the elderly dog was left to die inside a plastic garbage bag that was tossed along an isolated road in the Town of Royalton.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Bolton and Mountain Roads in Gasport.

“It is just disgusting. I still can’t believe somebody would do something like that,” said Melissa Steiner.

Steiner’s daughter Malory, 12, discovered the animal in distress while she was mowing her front lawn.

The student at Royalton-Hartland Schools said she saw a dark colored SUV throw what she thought was a bag of garbage from the vehicle, but the bag kept moving after the vehicle left.

“The bag started walking down the road. I saw that it was starting to rip and it was around his neck,” said Malory.

When she realized it was a dog, Malory called for her family to help free the dog that still had the bag wrapped around its neck.

“There were just flies, gnats and the smell was just unbearable,” said the girl’s mother.

Police and Town of Royalton Dog Control were notified, and the animal was turned over to Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue.

“He has some extensive skin issues, possibly allergies, mange, and not sure if he has some eye issues,” said Chris Catchpole from the rescue group.

Catchpole said she wasn’t sure if the animal’s walking difficulties were caused by old age or being tossed out of the vehicle. “The problems look like he’s had them for a long time and this is not something new.”

“Teddy” is scheduled to be checked by a veterinarian later on Monday. After being medically treated, the plan is to have the dog live in an animal foster home for the rest of his days.

Courtesy Of: WKBW


6 thoughts on “Girl Saves Dog Left For Dead In Plastic Bag

  1. awww,how nice. its sad though that the dog was badly treated before beign saved, i guess it must have been going through horror before that day, but Thank God the experience played out so well. The dog ended up in a much better place. ThankGod for the wonderful good samaritans, they didnt care about the horible stink, or state , they saved it none the less!

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