Young Entrepreneur Gives Advice To Dream Chasers

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Everybody has had dreams of success and riches a couple times during their life. The things people want to do with that success differs between people, but very few often make it to a level where they can actually make those decisions. A young student, Marco Perri, CEO of Scarfity is determined to help others reach their goals, like what he has began to do!

He was asked to explain the mindset of an entrepreneur or as he calls them, dream chasers, and some very inspirational advice was shared!

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Often times things in life don’t always go as planned. That truth is especially impactful for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Setback after setback piles up and eventually they can become overwhelming. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff so to speak.

As a young boy, Marco Perri, CEO of Scarfity knew he wanted to accomplish big things in this world. He would stay awake at night, thinking of ways to be somebody, and how to get there as soon as possible. Years flashed by and failure after failure began accumulating. These flops can be attributed to many things, probably above all else though was fear.

Fear is docile when under control, but if given the chance to infiltrate your mind, it can become a powerful negative wrecking force. It can may you see red flags where they aren’t any. It can make you doubt great ideas. It can make you feel like quitting and worst of all it can make you doubt yourself.


Realizing this is the first step one must take to become a more capable you. Fear is stopping you from reaching your destiny and it’s very fortunate Marco realized this. He put on an armour of determination and tackled his nightmares head on. As the questions in his mind began to seep deeper into his subconscious, he fended them off with all his might.

Eventually, when he got the ball rolling with Scarfity it’s momentum was infectious. Things started looking hopeful, doable and certainly attainable.

Nike has captured the perfect slogan for people who want to achieve great things. Just do it. You need to start somewhere and sitting around moaning is not going to get the ball rolling. The idea of Scarfity hit Marco exactly one month ago to this very day and since then, he followed his business plan to perfection.

Find a supplier. Find advertisers. Find a platform. Customize the platform. Find high quality pictures for the website. The list goes on and on. The point is, hard work and motivation combined with a little positivity is a natural counter to fear. Just get working and before you know it, things will begin to look up.

This advice can be applied to more than just entrepreneurship though. In fact, it has value in almost every aspect of life! No matter what you are pursuing or trying to do, fear is a stopping power. Don’t let it beat you. You can lose to anything else. Bankruptcy, competitors or even the world, but do not lose to fear. Apply this to your life and you are bound to realize greater things.

If you wish to support Marco, you can visit his website at

Courtesy Of: Scarfity Blog


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