Bikers Find Missing Ring For Depressed Widow

It isn’t easy for Rhonda Thill to tell this story. It starts with her husband of 18 years, Randy Thill, killed one night last month in a motorcycle crash.

But it’s the story’s ending Rhonda wants you to hear.

“It means a lot,” she said.

In the days following Randy’s death — when Rhonda received the personal belongings Randy had with him that night on Highway 61 — she realized his wedding ring was missing.

She knew he was wearing it.

“I figured it had to be somewhere. Maybe the force of the impact – it came off or whatever,” she said.

And she desperately wanted it back.

“I didn’t want it to be just left out there,” Rhonda said.

She told a close friend, an avid biker — who told another friend, who told a dozen other bikers.

“A couple of those guys I’ve never even met,” Rhonda said.

And before she knew it, they were all at the crash scene on their hands and knees.

Group Of Bikers After They Found The Ring

The grass in the median is waist high. But the men weren’t out there 45 minutes when one of them spotted a glint of gold, wedged in the dirt.

The men showed up at Rhonda’s door — holding up the ring just like on this photo.

“It was probably the first time since Randy’s death I had an actual smile on my face, after I stopped crying, because I was so happy about it,” Rhonda said.

The ring doesn’t bring Randy back. But it brings back a feeling of him.

“It just kind of feels like I’ve got a piece of us back together,” she said.

She feels a little less alone. And an even bigger believer in the power of kindness.

Courtesy of : Karell 11

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