Child Uses His Money To Buy Supplies For Others

6-year-old donates $100 to provide others with school supplies

One very selfless boy came up with a great idea. Before the school year starts, Julian started recycling cans to save money. He did so to raise money to buy other kids school supplies. As a kid, school supply shopping is so fun. New backpack, notebooks, pens and pencils. But what about those kids whose family can’t afford them?

Julian raised $100 all on his own and donated it to WSOC-TV’s 9 School Tools program. The program, started in 1997, has served over 3 million children to date. They collect school supplies for two weeks during the month of August, which are then given to students in grades K – 12. School supplies are essential for students to be successful in the upcoming school year.

Bags Full Of Supplies

“My son is only 6 years old, and he works real hard to get enough cans so that he can buy for others. He sits in our garage every week stomping and taking tabs off his cans, and then once a year my husband takes him to get the money for them,” Julian’s mother said.

Now more kids can have school supplies to enjoy and make the most of their school year!

Courtesy Of Hooplaha

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