Police Officers Hand Out Treats Instead Of Tickets

Usually blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror signal a dreaded traffic ticket.

But instead of tickets and fines, the Warner Robins Police Department handed out Dairy Queen Blizzard treats Thursday afternoon.

Thursday marked the 10th annual Miracle Treat Day, where at least $1 from any Blizzard treat sold benefits the Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health, in Macon. It is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Police Officer Pulling Over Couple

The police department partnered with Flint Energies to put on “Traffic Stops for Blizzards,” and the DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant, 1224 Watson Blvd., donated a cooler full of delicious treats.

“We’ve got the spectrum (of varieties) covered,” police officer Ed Smith said.

Smith drove his police cruiser down Watson Boulevard for a couple hours Thursday afternoon with a goal of giving away Blizzards and educating others about the local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Jennifer Parson, public information officer at the police department, said getting pulled over is not always a positive experience, but the event was a chance to turn that around.

Officer Giving Couple Diary Queen Snacks

“It was a good way for us to get into the community” and at the same time highlight a local cause, she said.

Abiding by all rules and procedures, Smith said no one was pulled over without first demonstrating a violation of law.

“If I don’t follow procedure, I’m violating their Fourth Amendment rights” of the people I pull over, Smith said.

Smith’s third traffic stop of the day was Logan Watson, from Lizella, who was driving with faulty tail lights.

Watson said she freaked out when the police car got behind her and turned on his lights.

She said she asked her boyfriend, Trey Harris, why they could be getting pulled over and the location of the insurance card.

“I’m kind of glad I got pulled over now,” she said, holding up her small Blizzard.

Both she and Harris were given Oreo Blizzards, which happens to be Watson’s favorite.

“This is the best pullover I’ve ever got,” she said, opening the lid of her Blizzard. “It’s melting, but … I’m going to eat it as soon as we leave here.”

Photo Of Astonished Couple

Before the couple drove away, Watson said she felt like she was on a television show such as “Punk’d” or “Cops.”

“I wish my mom was here,” she said.

Back at the Dairy Queen on Watson Boulevard, Police Chief Brett Evans and two representatives from Flint Energies served up Blizzard treats to customers from 2-3 p.m. to spread awareness about treat day.

All the money raised in Middle Georgia on Miracle Treat Day will be spent locally on pediatric treatments, services and equipment.

On Wednesday, participating Dairy Queens also treated patients and staff at the Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health with Blizzards.

Courtesy Of: Macon

11 thoughts on “Police Officers Hand Out Treats Instead Of Tickets

  1. What a positive experience. With everything that’s going on in the media, it was nice to read about the community and law enforcement coming together and helping others. I wish I were there to get pulled over. 🙂

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