Taxi Driver Returns Bag With 11K Inside

Mohammad Khawaja, beaming after he successfully reunited a family with a lost bag containing more than $10,000 in cash.

A Calgary taxi driver carrying more than just a fare is counting his lucky stars after he was able to successfully return nearly $11,000 to its rightful owners Thursday morning.

After picking up a mother and son duo from the Calgary Airport around 5 p.m. Wednesday, Mohammad Khawaja, a driver for Associated Cabs, unloaded the trunk of his car at their hotel destination, but a bag left behind in the passenger seat went unnoticed.

The night-shift driver, thinking it was Khawaja’s forgotten gym bag, left it with Khawaja’s family before taking over the taxi for the night.

“Luckily that was my last trip,” Khawaja said, adding if he had picked up an unscrupulous passenger, the bag might have disappeared.

Opening the bag to find some sort of ID, he confirmed it belonged to his last passenger, but was surprised to find more than $7,000 in an envelope with a passport. There was also a wallet in the bag containing more that $3,000.

Khawaja contacted his supervisors in the office instead of taking the bag directly to the lost and found. After all, he said, it was an important package and his “responsibility” to see it returned.

Roger Richard, owner of Associated Cabs, said it was tough to find the family because their taxi reservation was made under a different name – one that didn’t match hotel reservations. Finally, in the morning, an email arrived from the owners, and Khawaja was sent to hand deliver the lost bag.

“The driver was really the hero of this,” Richard said Thursday. “Talk about honesty.”

Although he tried to refuse, Khawaja was rewarded with an enormous tip – $800 – that the family insisted he take.

“They were speechless. They said we never thought we would get this back,” Khawaja said, adding he was just doing his job by returning the lost items, as he has done numerous times in the past.

“Things like phones or small things always happen — I’ve been driving the last years 13 years. Big things like that? Never,” he said. “To be honest, I feel so good. I’m happy for my company, too. I did something good for the company and the city of Calgary.”

Courtesy Of:  MetroNews

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